Casterton School – Heating

Client Location: Casterton School – Complete Heating Refurbishment.

Date: 2011.

Project Undertaken: Private School: Commercial Plumbing & Heating

The Challenge: To cut energy costs reduce carbon foot print. Provide a complete refurbishment of all oil boilers and pre-stored hot water.

  • Provide and initial assessment of energy costs and analyse existing energy consumption.
  • Re-design current Oil fired heating system and replace with high efficiency gas boilers and plant for instantaneous Hot Water.


“During 2010 Casterton School contracted Wheildons to bring the main school boilers up to date and change the oil to gas to make the site more efficient and cheaper to run. To do this, Wheildons started off at the beginning of the year analysing running costs and volume of output we would need and if this would also bring down carbon output to make the school more environmentally friendly.

Work started once everything was in place, with the changing of five of the schools main boiler systems to new gas installations, which also meant that we could lose the five large hot water storage tanks which also helps to limit any risks with watersafe monitoring.

Over the past year we have brought running costs down by 30% which is a huge saving on the school and this is all down to the efficient boilers installed by Wheildons. The way that Wheildons worked with the school throughout this process was impeccable on all aspects and we look forward to working with them now and in the future.”

Casterton School Site Foreman


Also reviewed on Yell by David Greenep, site foreman dated 07.02.12

“ I am the site foreman for a private school who have used Wheildon’s for many years now and they are always 100% in every aspect. They cover everything from call outs, major installations through to general servicing of the sixty boilers and gas fires we have on site. They are always here on time and work in a very clean and professional manner from the moment you ring the office through to completion of the job. I also use them for my own home and so do the rest of my family. They are the best around and I look forward to  working with them for years to come”