Solar water heating systems in Cumbria

Wheildons can supply and install solar water heating systems that can generate hot water throughout the year, an energy efficient boiler or immersion heater can be installed as a back up when there is not as much sunlight, which is useful with the winters usually seen in the Cumbria area.

Solar hot water systems can also be designed to work with a heat pump. A Vaillant solar hot water heating system can generate between 50-60% of your hot water. There are many advantages to using a solar water heating system, they can vastly reduce your annual fuel bills and well as reduce your dependence on limited fossil fuels. As the system uses solar energy, a renewable and constant energy source, you will be helping to cut down carbon dioxide emissions which will in turn help to reduce the countries carbon footprint.

A number of manufacturers provide solar thermal hot water systems, however all system designs for domestic hot water will require:

  • A solar collector (or panels)
  • A hot water storage vessel
  • Heat transfer pipes
  • Controls
  • Weather Compensator

We can design, supply and install the right system for you.

For further evidence of our work please refer to out project box.

Wheildons recently passed the MCS assessment to gain MCS Accreditation. We have now also joined REAL, the Renewable Energy Assurance Limited Scheme. This means that you can trust us to provide you the best service that meets the strict quality standards required by both the MCS and REAL.

Hot water from solar energy in Cumbria from Wheildons

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