Why Renewable?

What is a renewable heating system?

A renewable heating system is a system that uses technology to transfer energy from the ground, sunlight (solar) or air to generate heating and hot water for your home or business. This can be achieved using just one or a combination (dependent on which it is), of the following technologies:

  • Solar Panels for Domestic Hot Water
  • Ground Source Heat Pump for heating and hot water
  • Air Source Heat Pumps for heating and hot water

There are a number of reasons for installing a renewable technology:

  • To reduce annual fuel bills
  • To reduce our dependence on limited fossil fuels
  • To cut carbon dioxide emissions and reduce our carbon footprint

What renewable heating systems do we install?

We design, supply and install bespoke renewable heating systems for private domestic clients and commercial businesses.

  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems – Collectors, Cylinders & Controls
  • Heat Pumps – Ground & Air to Water

We are also qualified to install:

  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Energy Efficient condensing Boilers
  • Unvented Domestic Hot Water Cylinders or G3

The type of system and technology installed is dependent upon; what is feasible at your property and what you want to achieve:

  • To reduce your carbon footprint
  • To reduce running costs for your home or business
  • Change your existing system to a more efficient one
  • Or install a new technology

Wheildons are MCS accredited installers for ground/air source heat pumps, solar thermal & biomass installations.  This is important as it ensures that we carry out work to a required accreditation standard which then enables you to apply and benefit from the renewable heat incentive program.

As MCS accredited installers we are also members of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) scheme. This ensures that we adhere to a strict consumer code practice for installations, warranties & complaints procedures.

For further information visit the RECC website:- www.recc.org.uk


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