Casterton School

Client Location: Casterton School – Bronte

Date: 2011.

Project Undertaken: Private School: Commercial Plumbing & Heating

The Challenge: Two Phase plumbing & heating refurbishment of existing old building for 6th form accommodation:

  • Phase 1: Complete plumbing & heating of top floor accommodation with 12 en-suite bathrooms
  • Phase 2: Complete plumbing & heating of middle floor accommodation with 12 en suite bathrooms


“In 2010 Casterton School contracted Wheildon’s to install all of the plumbing and heating on a split two-year project to refurbish and update Bronte House, a three storey eighteen hundreds building.

Their remit was to work with the school, architects and the tendered builders to provide a modern living accommodation for our sixth form girls. Over the two-nine week periods, Wheildon’s successfully changed old boarding accommodation facilities, into new clean cut en-suites with shower cubicles, WC’s and wash basins. This set a new standard that the school is proud to show.

Bronte House also had an all new heating system with new boilers that are more efficient and cost saving. Wheildon’s successfully completed both phase 1 and phase 2 of the projects on time and in a clean and professional manner and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Site Foreman